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Water Softners

Soft Water Systems

Remove heavy metals from your tap and enjoy better quality drinking water, as well as cleaner showers and clothes. Once purchased, your system will give you unlimited soft water for the life of the system.

WQA GOLD SEAL CERTIFIED units available, making it one of the most salt efficient systems on the market today.

Ultramax Standard Features

  • WQA Gold Seal Certified units available
  • 1' true high flow throughout system
  • Flow Rates up to 25 gpm
  • Only two moving parts in the water stream.
  • 28 Day Self-Adjusting Variable Reserve (learns water usage)
  • Fully Programmable Control
  • Attractive and Durable Chrome Tank Jacket
  • Easy to program
  • Multi language display; including SPANISH and FRENCH - (268/860 only)
  • Refills Brine Tank with Soft Water
  • NOVRAM Memory with Super Capacitor Backup assures all critical information is stored, even during power outages

Ultramax Head, Water Softener

Ultramax Head, Water Softener

  • Self sanitizes during regeneration, senses low brining with the Low salt/Chlorine regenerator sensor probe (268/860 only)
  • Programmable Service reminder - reminds your customers to call you for servicing their equipment including RO filter changes.
  • All Units Equipped with Safety Brine Valve Float Assembly Prevents Accidental Overflow and Salt Grid Assemblies
  • In service display; Easy to read large text “Time of day”, additional buttons for water flow rate, capacity remaining (268/860 only)
  • In service display; Toggles between flow rate and gallons remaining (268/762 only)
  • Lifetime Warranty on Brine Tank, Resin Tank, Valve Body and Resin - 7 Years on All Other Parts
  • Remote mounting of face plate inside house available

Ultramax is sold only to selected dealers in protected territories.

Gold Star Seal, Tested and Certified   Made in the USA